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The Aliance Mandu Project is supporting the teaching of music like elements to propel the interest for arts at public schools with the objective to develop the creativity, the responsibility and integration of students.

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Founded in 2010 in Bristol, Study Abroad UK is a leading representative of British Universities in Brazil, promoting educational opportunities for students to study in England. Study Abroad UK enjoys a comprehensive directory of study abroad programs,  undergraduate, postgraduate degrees and internships at leading Universities in England.

With offices in England and Brazil, Study Abroad UK is able to support students to advance their personal, educational and professional development.  We will guide and help you choose the most suitable institution to study at, health and safety, accommodation, VISA application, financial and scholarship information necessary to provide you with the best experience possible.

In March 2012, Study Abroad UK started to work with Professor Maria Helena Cortez from the Federal University of Piaui have began to support the Aliance Mandu Project (Projeto Aliança Mandu) in Parnaíba - Piauí, Brazil.